About Us

Preston Greenhouse Louisville KY

A Garden Center and Greenhouse Focused on the Love of Horticulture and Landscape Design

Preston Greenhouse is a local greenhouse garden center and nursery in Louisville KY and is a family business dedicated to community, staff, customers and the industry.

The cornerstone of Preston Greenhouse is to continue being stewards of ecological practices in horticulture, landscaping, hardscaping, repotting services, swimming pool installation, swimming pool maintenance and more.

Horticulture Services Include:

Plants add a beautiful, lively depth to our loving homes. Preston Greenhouse can deliver and install any plants that we grow and sell in our garden center. We also have repotting services and can also make beautiful wreaths and garlands to celebrate the season. 

• Live plant delivery

Plant installation and maintenance

• Planting of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees
mulch installation

• Plant repotting services

• Seasonal containers, wreaths and garlands

Preston Greenhouse Garden Center Louisville KY
Preston Greenhouse Garden Center Louisville KY (2)

Our Landscaping Services Include:

Louisville KY is a gorgeous place to live. Preston Greenhouse and Garden Center can make it even lovelier with our landscaping services!

DIY landscaping office consultation

Landscape of your dreams and landscaping plan created just for you with our design team

Property line planting services

Horticulture and garden planting services

Foundation planting

Our Yard Services Include:

Sometimes it isn’t easy to make time to do yardwork. Preston Greenhouse and Garden Center can help you make your home beautiful; we prune perennials, trim small trees, clip hedges, weed, rake and more. 

Pruning perennials

Trimming small trees

Clipping hedges

Hand-edging beds


Raking leaves or other debris

Spreading mulch or other materials

Preston Greenhouse Garden Center Louisville KY (3)
Preston Greenhouse Garden Center Louisville KY (4)

Our Swimming Pool Services Include:

Who doesn’t love jumping into a beautiful, crystal blue pool? Preston Greenhouse is proud to offer above ground and in-ground swimming pools.

• Above and In Ground Pools

• Swimming Pool Installation

• Swimming Pool Maintenance