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Sound-Responsive Fire Systems

How can Music City Fire Systems benefit your home?

Here are some of the amazing features of Music City Fire Systems:

  • The dancing flames can be managed via your smartphone
  • The firepits come with high quality speakers
  • Play music from your music library, Spotify, Pandora, YouTube or and audio file
  • The firepits come with an Aux in, Aux out and USB port
  • Through WiFi, you can sync multiple systems
  • Adjustable flame height
  • LED lighting system
  • 2.1 Channel integrated sound
  • Auto-Reignition
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Astonishing Technology of the Music City Fire Systems

As if dancing flames weren’t enough, the Music City Fire Systems are build to endure and impress. 

All of the systems include a waterproof, UV treated LED backlit touch panel display. It includes aux in and aux out as well as a USB port and a mobile application that acts as a remote for the system.

These systems are incredibly easy to manage and operate. All features of our systems were made to overcome the elements. 

The electronic ignition system is automatic upon Mode Selection on the touch panel. The system is designed to detect any flame or pilot light outage and will ignite both the pilot and main burner again. 

Impress Your Guests With Music City Fire Systems

Music City Systems are the first of their kind – sound-responsive flames that dance to the beat of your music, all encased within a beautiful unit and LED lighting. Here are the ways your new system will sweep your guests off their feet:

  1. Sound-Responsive Flames: Grooving flames pulse to the beat of your music! So much so, they’ll encourage you and your guests to get up and dance! 
  2. LED Lighting: Each system comes with an LED input on the back. LED lighting can be controlled through the app or control panel and includes a beautiful variety of modes and colors. 
  3. Perfect Sound System: Each entertainment system comes with weatherproof, state-of-the-art speakers and is built with music quality in mind. As a result, they deliver rich and exhilarating sound.
  4. 12-14 Hours of Entertainment with a Standard 20 LB Tank: These systems are meant to be more like fun, riveting pieces of furniture rather than a plain old firepit. Each firepit can last anywhere from 12-14 hours with a standard tank. 
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