Our Plants

Annual Flowers

From Angelonia to Zucchini, you’ll find our greenhouses full of flats of colorful flowers, hanging baskets and container gardens. Our wide selection of quality plants — including a full line of herbs and vegetables, many organic-certified — offers something for every gardener and space. Check in every year, from April to September, to discover new varieties and ideas.


You live with them and work alongside them, and even if they don’t become part of your family, they’re an important part of your décor. From tillandsia (air plants) and orchids to African violets and croton, our selection of indoor plants is sure to please. We also carry a seasonal selection of beautiful bloomers, such as hydrangeas, Calla lilies and poinsettias, that make lovely housewarming gifts.


There’s nothing more beautiful than blooming tropicals on your patio during the spring and summer! From the gorgeous blooms on hibiscus to climbing mandevilla and the sweet scent of jasmine and gardenias, our selection of tropicals will instantly transform your space into a bright paradise. Want to wow your family and guests? Check out these high-impact tropical plants.


From spring to fall, we have all your perennial favorites — a wide variety of vines, grasses and hostas; and specialty plants like coral bells and coneflowers. Whenever possible, we choose locally grown plants that are adapted to the Chicagoland area. Sun or shade, wet or dry … as gardeners ourselves, we’re eager to help you select the right perennials for your yard!


“Because of a severe outbreak of Rose Rosettes, a rose virus of which there is no cure we are not recommending or selling any roses at this time.”

We carry over one hundred varieties of roses! Hybrid teas, David Austin English, Easy Elegance, Drift, Flower Carpet, Knockouts, grandiflora, floribunda … If you haven’t already, you’ll want to add these beauties to your garden. There are roses for beginners and roses for collectors, and we’ll help you select the right ones. We also carry the products you’ll need (Rose-tone, Rose Rx) to succeed.


We pride ourselves on carrying the highest quality evergreen and deciduous shrubs. We work with experienced and knowledgeable growers right here in the Midwest, and every shrub we carry is hardy to zone 5 or better — perfect for Chicagoland! In spring and summer we fill over three acres with arborvitae, boxwood, hydrangeas, lilacs, viburnums and many, many more species and varieties.


Nothing has a bigger impact in the landscape than trees. You expect them to live for decades. That’s why quality is everything for us when it comes to ornamental, shade and evergreen trees. We stock a wide variety of trees from the nation’s top, leading growers in a wide variety of sizes from small #5 container trees all the way up to 3.5″ caliper balled and burlapped giants for instant curb appeal.