Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed

Luscious green yard installed with Pearl's Premium Lawn seed by Preston Greenhouse

Never mow again with Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed

September marks the start of grass-sowing season, and you won’t want to miss out on planting Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed to make your yard as low maintenance as ever. Pearl’s Premium has been supported by lawn experts and featured on media from Fox News to NPR. This grass seed is completely organic, too; there are no genetically-modified seeds whatsoever, and the seeds either originated or were adapted to North America. Pearl’s Premium has come out with three versions of the eco-friendly grass seed to suit different types of lawns: sunny mixture, shady mixture, and sun-shade combination mixture. According to the Pearl’s Premium website, their seed blend will earn your money back in just a few weeks “through savings on mowing, watering, and chemical treatments.”

How can Pearl’s Premium benefit your yard?

Here are some of the advantages of using Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed:

  • Only mow once a week or never 
  • Rarely ever have to water your lawn
  • No chemicals needed; only organic fertilizer
  • Greener yard throughout the entire year
  • Incredibly soft, lush grass
  • Cut down your carbon footprint
  • Different blend choices depending on your yard
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How Pearl’s Premium Works

These benefits may sound too good to be true, but it’s all through the hard work of Jackson Madnick, founder of Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed. Madnick spent over 10 years researching different varieties of lawn seeds and blends to come up with the best combination for a luscious, drought-resistant, ultra-low maintenance yard. Here’s how it works:

After being planted and established, Pearl’s Premium grows very slowly above ground compared to typical lawn seed; you never have to worry about it growing higher than 3 inches, and only have to mow every 4 to 6 weeks if 3 inches is longer than you prefer. Below ground, Pearl’s Premium seed blends grow extremely deep roots, anywhere from 12 inches to 4 feet long. The extra-long roots enable the grass to access naturally-occurring moisture in the soil which allows it to withstand droughts and seldom need watering after being established. A secondary benefit of the extra-large roots is that it crowds out any stray weeds that may attempt to grow in your lawn. 

Help save the planet with Pearl’s Premium

The ever-looming threat of global warming and climate change has us all looking for different ways we can reduce our carbon footprint in our everyday lives. Here’s how you will lower your carbon footprint by using Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed:

  1. Decrease water usage: Once established, Pearl’s Premium Lawn seed requires 75% less water than grass from typical lawn seeds. The grass will need to be watered until it’s established, but after that you will rarely ever have to water your yard. 
  2. Less energy used mowing: No longer will you have to waste your time mowing the lawn each week. If you don’t mind a three-inch high yard, then you’ll never have to mow again. If that’s too high for your standards, then you’ll still be saving gas by only mowing once a month.
  3. No environmentally harmful chemicals: Unlike other grass, Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed only requires organic fertilizer, so you will never have to worry about chemical run off from your lawn. Harmful lawn care chemicals can run-off and contaminate local water supplies and become a health risk to you and your community.
  4. Less carbon produced: According to Pearl’s Premium, a study showed that grass blends similar to Pearl’s Premium produce “5,670 times more oxygen than carbon” in a single day. 
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