Struxure Outdoor Louvered Pergolas

We are now the authorized dealer of Struxure Outdoor for Kentucky.

Struxure is a louvered roof Pergola that allows the louvers to open and close.  You can vary the angle of the roof to keep yourself in the shade.  They also have slides that can completely open up a section of the pergola to blue sky.  They have the ability to install side screens/shades that retract completely into the structure when not in use and can be dropped down to prevent rain/sun or insects from entering a side wall.  The product is completely built out of aluminum but can also add wood to the outside of it to make it look more rustic.  even the gutters are hidden inside the columns.  You can install decorative rope lighting and or can lighting and ceiling fans.  This is truly the cadillac of the louvered roof manufacturers!

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