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Since 1979, Preston Greenhouse has been proudly serving the Metro Louisville area to help make dream outdoor living spaces a reality. At Preston Greenhouse, we take the stress out of swimming pool installation so you can spend the summer relaxing and making memories. Whether you are considering an above ground or in-ground pool, we have the tools and experience to build your new favorite summer hang-out spot.

Choosing the type of pool for you

Choosing the type of pool you want is one of the first steps in designing your new summer oasis. At Preston Greenhouse, we specialize in both above-ground and vinyl-lined in-ground pools. Deciding between above-ground and in-ground pools can be a difficult decision, so we’ve put together the key features of each to help you make the right choice.

Above-ground pools

This type of pool is a great option for those wanting something more reliable and permanent than an inflatable pool without breaking the bank. While not as long-term as in-ground pools, above-ground pools are a low cost option that does not slack on quality. Most above-ground pools have very quick installation and only take around a day to set up. Here are some of the main characteristics of above-ground pools:

  • Varying sizes for your needs
  • Generally between 4 to 5 feet deep
  • Quick installation
  • Usually last 10 to 15 years
  • Less customization than in-ground pools
  • Vulnerable to weather damage

Example of above-ground swimming pool that could be installed by Preston Greenhouse
Example of in-ground swimming pool that could be installed by Preston Greenhouse

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Steel-side vinyl

in-ground pools

Vinyl in-ground pools are an efficient choice for those interested in a more long-term and customizable option than an above-ground pool while still staying low cost. Compared to other types of in-ground pools, a vinyl-lined pool will have a shorter installation time and less up-front costs. Despite being the cheaper option, this type of pool does not lack quality and can be customized to a multitude of needs.

Some of the key features of a vinyl in-ground pool include: 

  • Cost-efficient compared to fiberglass or concrete
  • Customizable size and shape 
  • Smooth, soft-to-touch lining
  • Algae resistant
  • Internal add-ons like water jets or custom lighting
  • External add-ons like waterfalls or slides
  • Vinyl liner will need replaced every 7 to 10 years

Maintaining your pool

After installing your new dream pool, it’s important to properly maintain it to increase its longevity. Preston Greenhouse has all of the tools and chemicals needed to keep your pool clean and fresh after we install it for you. Our expert staff offers free of charge water testing and keeps many chemicals in stock to treat your pool, such as:

  • Liquid and turbo shock
  • Algae kill
  • PH & Alkalinity adjusters
  • Granulated chlorine and chlorine tablets

Along with monitoring and balancing your pool chemistry, Preston Greenhouse can also perform pool openings and closings and provide cleaning services. We carry a wide in-store variety of cleaning devices, like the Aquabot and Sharkvac.

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