Swimming Pool Services

Preston Greenhouse is proud to offer swimming pool services for you. Leave it to us to install and keep your swimming pool crystal blue and clean!

Swimming pool maintenance is vital to keeping your pool chemicals in check, maintaining the cleanliness of your pool by cleaning up surface debris, walls and tiles, pumps, pool floor and more. There can be serious consequences if one doesn’t clean their swimming pool.

Some downfalls of not cleaning your pool results in things such as oily buildups that can also become slippery, as well as the aesthetic appearance of algae growth and more. The uncontrolled growth of algae can cause bacteria like e-Coli. There can also be whit and pink slimy mold which can ruin the lifespan of your filter, which will cause even more bacteria! In addition to these unfriendly growths, bacterial buildup can cause stains and damage to the pool liner. Without a balanced pH, aspects of the pool can start to become deteriorated over time by the high acidity.

We do pool openings and closings if you maintain your own pool during the season.

Other swimming pool services we offer: we will test and balance the chemistry of your pool. We check and clean your filter, skimmer and other cleaning devices (like dolphin, aquabot and SharkVac). We will record all chemistry values for you.

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