Yard Services

Preston Greenhouse can do simple or complex yard clean-ups all year. Mid-April to mid-June is a particularly busy time, but we can usually work in a few clean-ups between all the deliveries and plantings! For availability and to schedule a yard clean-up, contact Steve Mercer

Our most popular yard service is a Half Day Special. With this deal, a two-man crew will leave Preston’s at 8:00 am, drive to your home and work until noon. John Heaton, Steve Mercer, will normally come out with the crew, walk the site with you, listen to your ideas and share his expertise. Together you’ll develop a list of priorities for the crew. Example projects include:

  • Pruning perennials
  • Trimming small trees
  • Clipping hedges
  • Hand-edging beds
  • Weeding
  • Raking leaves or other debris
  • Spreading mulch or other materials

Any material needed, such as mulch, topsoil or sod, is an extra charge. Any debris will be put into your own yard-waste bags and left at the curb for pick-up, or we can remove the debris for $75.00 per cubic yard.

Our Half Day Special (a two-man crew working four hours less one way of travel) is $550.00. We can always spend a little more time for a little more money or a little less time for a little less money. Please contact Steve Mercer to figure out what will work best for you.